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In a bold proclamation of love and longing, Fran Healy breaks out his falsetto and sings: “I should have wished when I had the chance, gone like water in my hand, I would do anything, anything for you now.” Off his new album, Wreckorder, Healy performs “Anything” here for our exclusive LiveBuzz Session.

“Wreckorder” is an instant hit: instantly one of the more emotional songs from 2017. A chord progression starts out wistful, and Healy sings: ‹I would ask you to be so open tonight, let it just flow into this door.” It feels like an old friend falling into the arms of a new friend. And this song is about true love and giving up the whole world. It’s one of the great songs of the year, a dynamic, sweet chorus, and a triumphant, understated refrain. Healy sings in a voice that falls a bit flat, but after the verse, the voice sounds clearer and more powerful. Finally, “shadows and accents” appear. Healy can’t work that much into the intro, but once he does, the chords crash back into the verse, sounding a lot like a Robert Johnson. As the verse winds down, the weight has moved over to the fifth-note arpeggios that are now present, with the highest notes of the interval sounding louder. There are a lot of satisfying tremolos and the 5-octave CAGED sequence takes over again. So now we get a pretty smooth listen.