which engineering field is best in india

which engineering field is best in india

Which engineering field is best in india
Although numerous new specialisations have emerged in engineering, it is important to know the best engineering courses in India and reputed colleges offering these courses. Now that schedule of the engineering exams 2018 have been announced, it is time to plan which of the engineering courses you want to apply for on the basis of your interest.
With the IT industry expanding at a phenomenal pace, the demand for software engineers or experts in the computer science engineering field is expected to maintain an increasing trend. Programming languages, software knowledge, program design, coding, project management are some of the highlights of the computer science and engineering course. A lot of national as well as international firms offer lucrative job opportunities to CSE graduates in India and abroad.

Which engineering field is best in india
Engineering management specializations
This type of engineering is for you if:

Which engineering field is best in india
Popular companies that hire Chemical Engineers are Coromandel Fertilizers, Reliance Industry, ONGC, Essar Oil, Indo Gulf, etc.
Popular companies that hire Aerospace Engineers are Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, SpaceX, Rolls Royce, and Blue Origin.

Computer Science course you learn about computer programming and networking
While doing under graduation in mechanical engineering you learn how the electricity is distributed through generators, transmission lines, transformers wiring in buildings and lighting. During the course you will be able to gain knowledge and experience in aircrafts and other heavy vehicles, automobiles and electric motors. Apart from handling the heavy tools and machineries you will be taught the technology behind this and the usage of the software, mathematical modeling and computer-aided design.

Which engineering field is best in india
Over the years, a number of sub-fields have emerged from it like marine engineering, metallurgical engineering etc to meet the needs of the industry. It is also termed as an evergreen field because there always are plenty of opportunities in this field irrespective of the varying market trends. A mechanical engineer can find good job opportunities in organisations like ISRO, DRDO, Indian railways, popular automobile companies etc.
Can you try and imagine your life without electricity? No, right! Electricity has become an inescapable part of our life. If you have become dependent on the latest technological innovations like TVs, laptops and smartphones; you must thank electrical engineers for it.