which branch of engineering has more scope

which branch of engineering has more scope

Which branch of engineering has more scope
With the IT industry expanding at a phenomenal pace, the demand for software engineers or experts in the computer science engineering field is expected to maintain an increasing trend. Programming languages, software knowledge, program design, coding, project management are some of the highlights of the computer science and engineering course. A lot of national as well as international firms offer lucrative job opportunities to CSE graduates in India and abroad.
Although numerous new specialisations have emerged in engineering, it is important to know the best engineering courses in India and reputed colleges offering these courses. Now that schedule of the engineering exams 2018 have been announced, it is time to plan which of the engineering courses you want to apply for on the basis of your interest.

Which branch of engineering has more scope
Electrical Circuit & Parts Designer
Core Engg. Postgraduates have lots of opportunities in Teaching & Research. Many Govt. & Private firms demand Qualified Postgraduates in the field of research for their companies. But to become a University lecturer, they must qualify UGC NET .

After graduating as a marine engineer, one can get a job in a ship as a third assistant engineer or fourth engineer. They can also get employed in different foreign and Indian shipping companies.There are also opening in major shipping companies in port cities like Chennai, Cochin, Mangalore and Vizag. Some of the colleges offering marine engineering are in Chennai and Mangalore.
The increasing growth rate means the demand for smart and creative aerospace engineers is only going to increase in the near future.Job opportunities for aerospace and aeronautical engineers are available in airlines, air force, corporate research companies, Defence Ministry, helicopter companies, aviation companies and even NASA. Some of the top recruiters in this field are Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Defence Research and Development Laboratories (DRDO), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Civil Aviation Department, Air India, India Space Research Organization (ISRO) and others.Private companies like Tata, L & T, Mahindra, Taneja too have aerospace divisions, which support Indian government companies or offer consultancy services to foreign aerospace companies. Here too there is immense job opportunities. Aerospace engineering is a very wide subject and becoming an aerospace engineer doesn’t necessarily mean working in the field of aerodynamics or flight dynamics alone. There are several subdivisions in the aerospace engineering curriculum including courses on propulsion, structures, robotics, navigation, control and guidance, manufacturing, spaceflight, aerodynamics, advanced fluid dynamics, material sciences and flight mechanics.

Which branch of engineering has more scope
Agricultural engineering What is it about.
Mining Engineering Table of Content What is it.

Future of agricultural engineering is great because for food security we have to grow more food grains in small area. So it will need talented agricultural engineer.
The job of an Electronics and communication engineer is very demanding. Here you will have to design logic circuits for the changing world. You have to come up with new ideas on daily basis.