when was 10 rs coin launched in india

when was 10 rs coin launched in india

When was 10 rs coin launched in india
The new Rs 5 coin weighs 6.74 grams and will have a diameter of 25mm. The new Rs 5 coin will use nickel brass alloy, and its constituents will be 75 per cent copper, 20 per cent zinc and 5 per cent nickel.
Features of new Rs 2 coin

When was 10 rs coin launched in india
‘Sure, here’s your puliyogare’
Indira Canteen

When was 10 rs coin launched in india
Ashoka Pillar Lion Capitol
NOTE: Different mintmarks
♦ (small dot/diamond) = Mumbai
° (circulat dot) = Noida
(no mintmark) = Calcutta
* (five-pointed star) = Hyderabad

When was 10 rs coin launched in india
Mohammad Khalid Akram Ansari, a BTC student in Sitapur, UP said, “Nowadays, everyone behaves like an authority as if they are the government themselves. The wholesalers of the area do not accept the Rs 10 coin because it is too much work to count them and since they cannot reject it, for this reason, they weave stories for it being fake or anything alike to reject the coins.”
He further added, “The same is true for the banks. If I want to deposit hundred Rs 10 coins valuing ten thousand, the banks reject it by saying bluntly that they do not accept such large number of coins. Because of banks’ actions, the local shop owners start to reject the coin by giving support to the false claims of the wholesalers for the coin being fake. And the cycle goes on and on.”

When was 10 rs coin launched in india
can you please let me know the total mintage of 5 rs INTERNATIONAL CROP SCIENCE CONGRESS 1996 how many vip sets and proof sets issued.
To commemorate this holy event this 10 rs coin was released on 18.03.2018. The other coin, issued in the denomination of 1000 rupees, is only issued for inclusion in proof / UNC sets.