what is the average salary of civil engineer in india

what is the average salary of civil engineer in india

What is the average salary of civil engineer in india

  1. Alaska average civil engineer salary: $125,470
  2. California average civil engineer salary: $109,680
  3. New Jersey average civil engineer salary: $103,760
  4. Texasaverage civil engineer salary: $102,990
  5. New Yorkaverage civil engineer salary: $102,250
  6. Nevadaaverage civil engineer salary: $100,700
  7. Louisianaaverage civil engineer salary: $98,700
  8. Virginiaaverage civil engineer salary: $94,780
  9. Illinoisaverage civil engineer salary: $94,570
  10. Massachusettsaverage civil engineer salary: $94,210

Fortunately, for some of these states, civil engineer salaries have been increasing even if they’re still below the national average. For instance, in South Dakota, the average civil engineer salary rose by 14.4%, from $67,310 in 2013 to $77,030 in 2018; in Montana, civil engineer salaries increased by 17.1% over the same period.

There are a few mechanical and chemical safety precautions that need to be taken against heavy equipment and machinery to prevent ill health and unnecessary accidents. Moreover, compared to other disciplines of engineering, civil engineers make less money. Also, their work is subject to public scrutiny, which may be stressful for them.
A student who wishes to get into civil engineering must take up physics, chemistry and maths in Class 12. After completing Class 12, students can opt for a BE or BTech degree in civil engineering. Admission to the degree programmes is usually through an entrance test.

What is the average salary of civil engineer in india
While someone with a Master’s Degree gets a salary of 38,500 INR per month, 58% more than someone having a Bachelor’s Degree degree.
Holiday / End of Year Bonuses

Government regulations, construction costs, potential environmental hazards need to be considered and other factors in the risk-analysis stages and planning of a project.
7) Civil Engineering Drafter :

What is the average salary of civil engineer in india
Civil engineering tends to be a full-time position. About half the engineers report to companies working on architectural projects, where they earn the industry average. The federal government employs about 5 percent of civil engineers and offers first-year compensation 18 percent higher than the industry average. State governments hire 13 percent of civil engineers and pay the industry average starting salary. Cities and other local governments pay their first-year engineers about 7 percent more than the average.
Each large public work takes shape from detailed plans created by civil engineers. These professionals apply science and mathematics to the design of bridges, tunnels, dams and other large-scale projects that must last and function well for many years and remain safe for the public.