weight of 10 rupee coin

weight of 10 rupee coin

Weight of 10 rupee coin
PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the new series coins.
The new Rs 10 coin weighs 7.74 grams. It will have a diameter of 27mm and 100 serrations on its edge. Similar to the Rs 10 coin in circulation, the new series coin will also have two rings. The outer ring will be made of nickel brass, similar in composition to the new Rs 5 coin with 75 per cent copper, 20 per cent zinc and 5 per cent nickel. The inner ring will be made of nickel silver, which will contain 65 per cent copper, 15 per cent zinc and 20 per cent nickel.

It was later clarified by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that the “alleged fake” coin was the earlier 2008 design, which predated the adoption of the ‘₹’ symbol in 2010, and was still in legal circulation, along with the 2011 design and those refusing to accept it could face legal action. [11] [12] [10]
This coin is rumored to be a fake one due to chaos on social media. However, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued an official statement to address these rumors declaring that the old the design prior to 2011 is valid and is legal tender. [5]

Weight of 10 rupee coin
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According to the notification the new Rs 10 coin will have a outside diameter of 27 mm and weigh 7.74 gm, while the Rs 5 coin will have a diameter of 25 mm and weight of 6.74 gms.
The Finance Ministry, through a notification, said that the new Rs 20 coin will be made in copper, zinc and nickel. It will be 27mm (millimeters) and weigh 8.54 grams.

Weight of 10 rupee coin
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