toppers study schedule

toppers study schedule

Toppers study schedule
Warning: If you have homework, please forget about relaxing.
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Toppers study schedule
Well, it may not come naturally to every topper but this is one way of practicing being humble and more grounded arguing that they are just like everyone else.

  • Avoid bullying or abandonment from the gang

Toppers study schedule
B. Rising early

  • Complete syllabus on time.
  • Revise all class 11 and 12 topics that are in JEE syllabus very well.
  • Attempt at least mock tests.
  • Solve at least last five year JEE question papers.
  • And, be confident.

Toppers study schedule
6am – Start your first study session. Take up the most challenging topic or difficult subject first thing in the morning. Mark Twain once said that you should ‘eat your frog’ the first thing in the morning. And the frog is the most important and daunting task.
7:30 pm – take a dinner break for an hour. Arrange your books, clear up the clutter.

Body health:
Take restricted but nutritious diet and keep the negative thoughts away from your mind. Avoid losing sleep and do not disturb your sleep pattern. Practice meditation and breathing exercise for increasing your concentration. Probably the most important among the habits of toppers!
Avoid being nervous:
Confidence is the shield you have to build for yourself. Being nervous and frantic regarding the results even before you have written the exam is sheer foolishness and has never helped improve performance. Of course a small amount of it is beneficial in pushing you to perform better but know when to control it.