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Refractive lens exchange surgery has your eye’s natural lens replaced with an intraocular lens to better improve your vision. This surgery also eliminates the chance of developing conditions like cataracts.
Glaucoma is one of the most common eye diseases patients can develop and can cause permanent vision damage if it is not caught early enough. Our glaucoma treatments include in-office laser procedures to help lower IOP levels that could harm your optic disc.

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Other MyPillow Mattress Topper Facts

  • Zippered Removable Cover is washable and dryable
  • Four corner straps to hold your topper in place
  • No wires, remotes or moving parts
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • 10-Year Warranty!
  • FINANCING AVAILABLE on all orders over $200
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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It is a popular assumption in newspaper strip fan circles that World War II is what killed the toppers. I’ll grant you that it was the coup de grace, but toppers were on the wane well before then. 1935 seems to be the last year when toppers are truly ubiquitous, and thereafter many papers started dropping them in favor of half-page versions of the A-list strips. Toppers become decidedly rare as of about 1940, though many cartoonists kept producing them long thereafter. Some later toppers are so rare as to make one wonder if they ever actually ran in any newspaper—the only evidence I’ve found of some is on original art. [5]

Characters in toppers sometimes turned up in the main strip, such as Herby appearing in Smitty, and Kitty Higgins joining the cast of Moon Mullins. In a few cases, the topper introduced characters later developed into a successful Sunday page, as happened when Krazy Kat became a spin-off from The Family Upstairs and Roy Crane’s Wash Tubbs appeared over J. R. Williams’ Out Our Way with the Willets Sunday strip. The Wash Tubbs Sunday strip ran in that format from 1927 until 1933, when Crane launched Captain Easy as a Sunday page (featuring Wash Tubbs as a secondary character).

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However, there are 3 easy ways to clean your mattress topper, so read on to find out how.
Keeping your bedding clean is very important – not only because of hygiene but also to keep allergies at bay. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing pesky stains all over your mattress topper when you wake up in the morning. Given the delicate structure of the memory foam in the mattress topper, they cannot simply be tossed in the washing machine. They require a different approach because the centrifugal force of the washing machines can damage the fine structure of the foam and the foam can tear apart when soaked.

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“And now for a topper ,” he cried, as the rod was raised by still another peg.