time table of topper student

time table of topper student

Time table of topper student
Your parents and teachers are there – and there’s always after-hours, online help from subject specialists at Studiosity. What are you waiting for, study guru? You might already have free access thanks to your uni or school – and if not, your first session is only $10!
A timetable makes you the master of your time; if you don’t have one already, download one of our templates on the right.

Time table of topper student
Time Table of Class 9 Topper Student- In this article, we will tell you How To Manage Time in Class 9. How can Class 9 students manage time between studies, school, family, social life and extra circular activities. Class 9 is the right time to consolidate your foundation for a better career and life ahead.
School duration for class ninth students is 5-6 hours. Generally, schools timings are 7am – 1pm. Let us also include 1 hour for travelling. So overall you are spend 7 hours for school daily.

Time table of topper student

  1. Study time of 5 hours before lunch and 5 hours after lunch. This is the maximum that you should study in a day. I do understand that this might not be possible every single day. So on an average if you can maintain 7-8 hours every day for a month before the exams, that will work well.
  2. Sleep of 7.5 hours at night with a 20 minute nap in the day time
  3. Exercise in the morning and a walk in the evening
  4. Frequent breaks and
  5. Multiple subjects

6am – Start your first study session. Take up the most challenging topic or difficult subject first thing in the morning. Mark Twain once said that you should ‘eat your frog’ the first thing in the morning. And the frog is the most important and daunting task.

Time table of topper student
How many times have you crammed subjects the night before or the morning of a test? You’re plagued with anxiety because you’re almost certain you will fail. Most of the time, you end up doing worse than you hoped. Or maybe you could skid by with an average mark; however, you wanted a better grade. Do you know what’s the simplest solution to avoid this, especially during class 9th and 10th (which are paramount importance)? Create a study plan! Unless you are Albert Einstein (even he struggled to perform spectacularly in school), you cannot breeze through Class 9th & 10th with minimal effort.
Everyone wants a great score. However, you have to put the work in to get there. It isn’t easy, but it is worth it. Putting a plan in place allows you to get the most out of your studying every day. Study plans help your brain focus, which leads to better memorization and recalls.

Time table of topper student
Can you follow this schedule?
D. Extra curricular activities