time table for study at home class 10

time table for study at home class 10

Time table for study at home class 10
Here you have to revise all the study that you had done today in the other two sessions. It is like an oral test on your own.
You can identify two subjects that you find the most difficult. This 1 hour you can dedicate to those subjects. You can study them every alternate day or every 3 days.

Time table for study at home class 10
Finally, I can say that you can adjust the study timetable in the middle of exam preparation according to your grasping power and interest, but make sure not to leave with any topic. It can make you demotivate at any point. So, follow the 30 days Study Timetable for Class 10th CBSE Exam and solve all the sample papers, previous year questions papers in your last 10 days. It will help you to habituate with the type of questions and language of the paper.
All have to follow three steps to score good marks in 10th board exams, i.e. study, revise & practice. Sounds easy? Right, all you need to do is break your study time to finish each of your learning activities.

Few Tips for Enhancing your Performance
9.20 AM: Quickly do a 10-minute revision of what you studied in the morning.

Time table for study at home class 10
5.30 am to 6.45am- Revise everything you read last evening/night.
Don’t listen what the society says, listen to your heart. Understand which subject is your biggest strength, what is the best subject that you should opt for.

Time table for study at home class 10
5. Take Small Breaks
Make sure you take breaks in between. Studying for long hours at a stretch may exhaust you and you won’t be able to give your 100 percent then.