textile engineering salary in india

textile engineering salary in india

Textile engineering salary in india
4. Doctoral degree courses
This course offers a bright career for the students because the demand and supply of textiles will never diminish. So with time the scope of Textile Engineering has been expanding and it has given rise to a number of job prospects in India and abroad.

Further studies and PG courses: After completing Bachelor’s program, one may go for relevant Master’s courses (M.Tech., MBA or M.Sc.), PG Diploma or skill developing PG Certificate or training programs. For those who would like to pursue further advanced studies, PhD program will be of use!

  1. Diploma in Textile Engineering
  2. B.E./B.Tech. in Textile Engineering

Textile engineering salary in india
For freshers the salary will be around 15k to 30k INR per month.
For government employees the salary will be based on the pay scale and band.
For PG:
• Maximum Fees: 1.86 Lakhs
• Minimum Fees: 0.0829 Lakhs

Textile engineering salary in india
The Indian textile industry is in rapid progress and is offering huge revenue to the country. It has increased the need for engineering graduates who have the skills in engineering, design, chemistry, management, computers, apparel, marketing/sales, and quality control.
There are many engineering colleges/polytechnics/universities in India offering courses in textile engineering and technology.

Textile engineering salary in india
Textile engineering is a branch of engineering which apply all the principles of scientific techniques in order to manufacture and develop of all types of yarns and textile fabric from textile fibers. Textile engineering also comprise of study of chemical and physical principles which are utilized for the analysis of the behavior of polymers involved in the formation of textile fiber.
The major role of this engineering is to design and control of all aspects of textile and apparel processes, machineries, products and fibers. In India, there are two important textile sectors such as handloom sector and the mechanized sector.
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi ( IIT Delhi)