ten rupees coin images

ten rupees coin images

This coin is rumored to be a fake one due to chaos on social media. However, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued an official statement to address these rumors declaring that the old the design prior to 2011 is valid and is legal tender. [5]
The Indian 10-rupee coin ( ₹ 10) is a denomination of the Indian rupee. The ₹10 coin is the highest-denomination coin minted in India since its introduction in 2005. The present ₹10 coin in circulation is from the 2019 design. However, the previous ₹10 coins minted before 2019 are also legal tender in India. All ₹10 coins containing with and without the rupee currency sign are legal tender, as stated by the Reserve Bank of India. Along with the standard designs, there are 21 different designs for this denomination and are minted as circulating commemorative coins, this is used alongside the 10 rupee banknote.

Ten rupees coin images
Not only the Rs 10 coin faced rejection in circulation but also the newly minted Rs 1 coin is facing unauthorized demonetization in some parts of the country as well. For rupee ten coin, RBI previously issued notice for it being the valid currency and warned people about facing legal action for rejecting such coins.
Upon interacting with the locals in Uttar Pradesh, it came to light that the main cause of the rejection of coins is it’s over circulation. People have said that the Chillar (change) is so much in quantity that the ones who have to count it the most like the grocery shop owners, wholesalers etc. keep on finding excuses to reject it.

Ten rupees coin images
The weight of this coin varies a lot, from 5.0 to 6.2 grams, on average 5.53 gr.
From 100 pcs :
5.0 = 1 pcs
5.2 = 5 pcs
5.3 = 13 pcs
5.4 = 21 pcs
5.5 = 16 pcs
5.6 = 18 pcs
5.7 = 10 pcs
5.8 = 8 pcs
5.9 = 5 pcs
6.0 = 2 pcs
6.2 = 1 pcs
There is no clear relation to the thickness of the coin. The rim is higher than the base of the coin.

100 Indian rupee banknote
100 Indian rupee banknote

Ten rupees coin images
Edge: Grained with the incuse letters C B S L four times only in English, as shown in image of rdge. Unlike the edge of Rs 5 coin which has a dot after each letter and is listed in all three languages Sinhala, Tamil and English.
The coin was put into circulation but is not seen very much. It seems that coins don’t circulate well in parallel with currency notes of same denomination. In the USA the US$ coin doesn’t with the $ note even after a lot of TV adverts and publicity. Now for the 2nd time a US$ a US$ coin has been abandoned after few years.