ten rupee coin

ten rupee coin

The mintmark is featured at the bottom on the obverse of the ₹10 coin. [6]
In July 2016, some shopkeepers in India were reported to be refusing to accept the ₹ 10 coin entirely, the result of a rumour circulating on social media. [9] [10] It was initially claimed that coins with a 15 notch reverse design lacking the ‘₹’ symbol were fake, compared to the 10 notch version using the symbol introduced in 2011.

Ten rupee coin
A local shop owner in Sitapur said, “I had started to take the coins from the public but soon after that all I received were the ten rupee coins only while no one wanted to receive the coin from my end. Some said it was fake or some said no one else accepts it.”
The rumours of fake Rs 10 coin in circulation started the rejection of this coin. While some parts of the country accept the coin other do not. The public is of the view that big shop owners and banks are responsible for the rejection of rupee ten coins.

Ten rupee coin
Got lots of Rs 10 coins you couldn’t use?
You could visit a bank and put them in your account, advise banking experts..
“RBI has been keeping the public informed with their press releases. Recently, they have put up a notice saying coins of all denominations are valid. Whether it is 50 paise, Re 1, Rs 2, Rs 5 or Rs 10,” he told Metrolife.’ He said it was up to traders and consumers to become aware and start transacting with the coins.

Ten rupee coin
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