satish lecturer haryana education news

satish lecturer haryana education news

Satish lecturer haryana education news
These persons are Dalip Bishnoi JBT, Rajender Sharma Vats, Fauji Lecturer (Suresh Kumar), Anupam Sethi, Anil Ratia, Satish Lecturer, Pawan Chamarkhera, Ajay Pal, Dharmbir Kaushik, Dr Surender Dhiman, Arvind Rana, and OSD Jawahar Yadav.
LPA 686-2016 (LPA means Letters Patent Appeal) Letters Patent Appeal has been filed to the Division Bench against the order passed by Single Judge of the High Court. इस केस का Original Case No. CWP 20046 of 2014 है जोकि नरेश कुमार v/s हरियाणा सरकार है. Naresh Kumar vs the state of Haryana.

Satish lecturer haryana education news
बत्रा अस्पताल एंड मेडिकल रिसर्च सेंटर, नईदिल्ली, फोर्टिस अस्पताल, मोहाली, मेट्रो अस्पताल, फरीदाबाद, कल्याणी अस्पताल गुडगांव, मुकुट हार्टइंस्च्यिूट , चंडीगढ़, महाराजा अग्रसेन अस्पताल, नईदिल्ली, राजन अस्पताल, यमुनानगर, दृष्टि आई अस्पताल, पंचकूला, आर्ट मिस मेडी केयर सर्विस, फरीदाबाद, एशियन इंस्टिट्यूट ऑफ मेडिकल साइंस, फरीदाबाद, सुपर एमआरआई सीटी स्कैन सेंटर, चंडीगढ़,जयपुर गोल्डन अस्पताल, दिल्ली, पारस अस्पताल, गुडगांव, दिल्ली हार्ट एंड लंग इंस्टिट्यूट, नईदिल्ली, एनसीजी जिंदल इंस्टिट्यूट ऑफ मेडिकल केयर, हिसार, मीरपुर इंस्टिट्यूट ऑफ मेडिकल, रेवाड़ी, श्रीबालाजी एक्शन मेडिकल केयर एंड रिसर्च माडल टाउन आदि अस्पतालों में ही कर्मचारियों को सुविधा मिलेगी।
सरकारी कर्मचारियों की स्वास्थ्य सेवाओं के क्षेत्र में कटौती कर दी गई है। अब वे 49 नहीं महज 23 अस्पतालों में ही अपना अथवा परिजनों का सरकारी रेट पर इलाज करवा सकेंगे।

The college can run short duration training programs for teachers of schools, Alumni, Education officers, etc. in areas like, development of Thinking and Reasoning, Teaching of Concept, Use of Computers and INTERNET, development of inquiry skills, etc.
Website of Satish Public College of Education (SPCE), Rewari Haryana is

Satish lecturer haryana education news
Those candidates who wants to become PRT (For class 1st to 5th) should have the following minimum qualifications-
– Senior Secondary 10+2 (or its equivalent) with at minimum 50% marks and Passed or appearing in final year of 2- year Diploma in Elementary Education (by whatever name known), in accordance with the NCTE (Recognition Norms and Procedure) Regulations, 2007 notified on 31 August, 2009.
The candidate should have passed senior secondary examination with at least 45% marks and passed or appearing in the final year of two years diploma in education or by whatever name known in accordance with the NCTE regulation 2002
Senior Secondary 10+2 (its equivalent) having at least 50% marks and passed/ appearing in final year of 4- year Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed).
The candidate should have passed Senior Secondary (or its equivalent) with at least 50% marks and passed Or appearing in final year of 2- year Diploma in Special Education.
Candidate should have passed graduation or appearing in final year of diploma in education.
Candidate should have passed HINDI/SANSKRIT at matric / senior secondary/ graduation/ post graduation level.

Level 2 –

Level 2 is for the candidates who wish to teach 6th to 10th classes. These teachers are called TGT. Here TGT means trained graduate teacher. To become a TGT or one has to pass B.Ed (Bachelor of education) After passing the B.Ed Degree one has to pass teacher eligibility test.
Educational Qualifications-
Those who wish to become a TGT will have to first pass B. Ed (Bachelor in Education). After acquiring the B. Ed degree or if a candidate is in the final year of the B.Ed course he may apply for Level 2. After passing Level 2 examination the candidate can further apply for the post of TGT . There are many subjects and subject combinations for which a TGT can teach. That is why there lies a difference in the educational qualification for level 2 examination. You are requested to go through the following link to have proper information about the educational qualification.

Newly Selected JBT teachers of Haryana will get the following amount as salary –

Satish lecturer haryana education news
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