rssb website

rssb website

Click the link and it will take you to the Information Page. Here the sangat can find the latest information sent by Dera for the sangat abroad. You may check the website periodically for any new information. In addition, we will continue to send all important information directly to all Chairpersons and Representatives, who will do their best to distribute it to the sangat as they normally do.
IMPORTANT: We wish to bring to everyone’s attention the fact that the internet and many social media sites, particularly WhatsApp, often spread wrong and misleading information concerning RSSB and its activities. Recently a fake letter was being heavily circulated among satsangis. The perpetrator of this forgery copied the Dera letterhead and even copied the Master’s signature and wrote a poorly worded letter in bad English. Yet satsangis were confused. Dera requests that if you do not receive information through your Chairperson, Representative, local Secretary, or see it posted on our official RSSB Website, then you can assume it is not official and not to be trusted.

Rssb website
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(there is also National Rail which is the public face of the rail network).
The Board is responsible for the publication and updating of the British Railway Rule Book, [4] which defines technical standards and operating procedures. The RSSB promotes the Trackoff programme promoting rail safety within schools, [5] and the Sustainable Rail Programme [6] which has been established to support the rail industry in reaching its full potential for a sustainable transport system. In conjunction with UIC, RSSB provides SPARK, a web tool for the rail industry to share information and help drive innovation. [7]

We have observer status on the RSSB Board.
We carried out a wide-ranging review by seeking views from the industry and other interested parties through consultation, convened an industry advisory panel to help clarify our thinking and held an open public meeting.

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