rssb schedule

rssb schedule

Satsang:The company of truth;association with the truth.Satsang ordinarily means the company of saints or advanced souls,or a gathering of devotees held under the auspices of a saint,where a discourse on God,Name,meditation and the master is presented;the discourse itself is also called a satsang.Satsang has a deeper sense as well,meaning internal satsang,the association or union of the soul with the true Nam. Babaji Satsang Schedule Across India for the Year 2020
Babaji Satsang Schedule of Beas for the year 2020

Rssb schedule
Registration Program for Naam Daan of Dera Beas and Major Centers: Year 2019 — Baba Gurinder Singh Ji.
Radha Swami, or Radhasoami Satsang, is a religious organization. Shri. Shiv Dayal Singh in 1861 on Basant Panchami Day founded it. Gurinder Singh Dhillon Ji is the present head of the RSSB organization and is called Baba Ji.

Rssb schedule
Radha swami babaji,
Muja b namdan ki kirpa kr do g kitni age mai ap namdan date ho plz btao do muja
Radha soami ji,
Main Anita Lucknow se hun aur main naam daan lena chahate hun. Kripaya mughe batayen naam daan k liye registration mera Kaha pe hoga aur naam daan ki kripa mughe kahan se melege.

RSSB was established in India in 1891 and gradually began spreading to other countries in the mid 20th century. RSSB holds meetings in more than 90 countries worldwide. It is a registered non-profit society with no affiliation to any political or commercial organizations. [4]
Gurinder Singh Dhillon, also known as Baba Ji to his followers, is the current spiritual head of Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB). He succeeded Charan Singh, his uncle, as spiritual head, or guru, of RSSB in 1990. [1] The headquarters of the society, called Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, are located beside the river Beas near the town of Beas, Punjab, in northern India, and have been a center for satsang since 1891. RSSB has centers located worldwide.

Rssb schedule
New Delhi: The chief of Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB), Gurinder Singh Dhillon, has sought exception from filing income tax returns (ITR), telling the Delhi High Court that it contained ‘personal information’ and that this was not an ‘appropriate stage’ to produce such documents.
The court had earlier asked Dhillon and his family members to file ITRs, after he denied of having any liability towards RHC Holdings, a company promoted by Malvinder and Shivinder Singh. The Singh brothers, who had previously controlled Religare Enterprises and Ranbaxy Laboratories, are facing probes by various agencies for alleged financial irregularities.