rssb satsang schedule 2020

rssb satsang schedule 2020

Satsang:The company of truth;association with the truth.Satsang ordinarily means the company of saints or advanced souls,or a gathering of devotees held under the auspices of a saint,where a discourse on God,Name,meditation and the master is presented;the discourse itself is also called a satsang.Satsang has a deeper sense as well,meaning internal satsang,the association or union of the soul with the true Nam. Babaji Satsang Schedule Across India for the Year 2020
Babaji Satsang Schedule of Beas for the year 2020

This list is based on the official website of RSSB, you will be able to find out which Satsangs are going to be held in the year 2020. Dera Beas Bhandara 2020 time table list is also given. So find here the latest schedule of Satsang.
Not only you will get here Radha Swami Satsang schedule in India but also you will get international Satsang Schedule. Before going to know this, we would like to tell something about the RSSB in brief.

ARRIVAL TIME – Please do not arrive at the site prior to 5:30 am. Earlier arrival may cause safety and traffic hazards. There will be no facilities available for the comfort of the sangat until the gates are open. Please give your kind understanding and allow proper time for sevadars to arrive and prepare the site. Those who have arrived early will not be admitted to the Satsang Hall until the posted opening time.
RESTRICTED ITEMS – Mobile phones, smart watches, fitness trackers, pagers, cameras, binoculars, laser pointers, MP3 players including iPods, audio video recorders, electronic games or any other electronic items MUST NOT be brought into the premises (Satsang Hall, Family Area and surrounding areas). Any such items brought to the site must be deposited at the information tables.

NOTE TAKING – It is the Master’s wish that we take full advantage of his presence and not spend time and attention taking notes. You are kindly asked to refrain from taking notes during satsang and question and answer sessions. The taking of notes and passing of such notes to others by any means, including the Internet, is strongly discouraged.
QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS – After the discourse, there will be a question and answer session.Those who wish to ask a question of the Master will be selected through a random drawing each day before satsang. The selection area will open at 7:00 am and close at 8:00 am after which the selection will take place. If you wish to ask a question, find your seat and then come to the question and answer selection area at the back of the hall. If you are not selected you must return to your seat. Once the selection is complete, no one may join the question and answer line.

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