radha soami website

radha soami website

Radha Swami is a Hindi expression meaning “Lord of the Soul” in English. Satsang means ‘association with Truth’ and describes a group that seeks truth. [4]
Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB) is an organization dedicated to a process of inner development under the guidance of a spiritual teacher. The present teacher is Gurinder Singh, who lives with his family at the main centre in northern India. The main centre of RSSB is at Dera Baba Jaimal Singh Ji, located on the banks of the Beas River, in the northern India state of Punjab. Although RSSB is not defined as a religion, the organization’s fundamental teachings are not in direct conflict with those of other world faiths.

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RSSB chief seeks not to put ITR on record

Great Master Sawan Singh Ji
Sources: Special issues of R.S. Greetings and Science of the Soul.

Radha soami website
How is a spiritual guru related to all this? Dhillon is cousin to the Singhs’ mother, and assumed a father-like role for the boys after their own passed away in the late 1990s.
At the ashrams, photography and any kind of recording is strictly prohibited. Phones and bags have to be mandatorily deposited at the start of each satsang, and if you’re caught taking photographs anywhere else on the property, the act is met with hostile suspicion and intrusive interrogation.

Radha soami website
According to Shri Dayal Singh, the highest God or the Supreme Being is Sat Purush Radha Soami. He is the highest reality, higher than Brahman, Allah and the God of Christianity and Judaism. There is no scripture or religion that describes him adequately. He belongs to the highest region while the scriptures, religions, incarnations and gods mentioned above come from lower regions. He is the highest and ultimate reality. The worlds are manifested by Him through a gradual succession of planes which are called Grand Regions. His state prior to creation is the supreme state of sunn samadhi or soundless self-absorption. Waking up from this state he produced a divine sound current (shabd), from which emerged different regions, gods, beings and objects.
The Santsatguru is a manifestation of the Supreme Being in human form. Liberation of the jivas can happen only through his grace. Though he is in a human form, a guru should never be treated like a human being. He personifies the Shabd and through him the Supreme Being communicates with the jivas, bestows his grace and helps them to liberate themselves from the bonds of Pind-desh and the exploitation of Kal. The Satguru is responsible for the karma of his disciples. At the time of initiation he actually takes upon himself the karma of the initiate and connects him or her to the divine sound current. Without him it is not possible to listen to the sound or escape from the bonds of material life. Shri Dayal Singh did not appreciate any religion or religious sect that did not place emphasis on the importance of a living guru. 3 It is said that according to this sect, one should consider a guru as a real guru only after one has an inner experience with the help of the guru and till such time he should be treated as a guide or trainer.