radha soami satsang schedule 2019

radha soami satsang schedule 2019

Satsang:The company of truth;association with the truth.Satsang ordinarily means the company of saints or advanced souls,or a gathering of devotees held under the auspices of a saint,where a discourse on God,Name,meditation and the master is presented;the discourse itself is also called a satsang.Satsang has a deeper sense as well,meaning internal satsang,the association or union of the soul with the true Nam. Babaji Satsang Schedule Across India for the Year 2020
Babaji Satsang Schedule of Beas for the year 2020

Radha soami satsang schedule 2019
NRI Naam Daan Registration Dates are as follow
Today it holds Satsang in more than 90 countries all over the world.

SIMULTANEOUS TRANSLATIONS – There will be simultaneous translation from Punjabi into English and English into Punjabi. Designated seating areas in the Satsang Hall with headphones have been arranged for this purpose. Please note that there is limited seating in these areas so seating will be available on a first-come first-served basis.
Requests of the audience

Please note that there are limited seats in these zones. If you wish to avail of this facility, please contact your coordinator / secretary before the 28th of February 2019.
Restricted Items
Mobile phones, electronic games, cameras, binoculars, laser pointers, ipads, laptops, tablets, MP3 players, smartwatches, fitness bands, audio & video recorders, or any other electronic items MUST NOT be brought into the premises. Tobacco including e-cigarrettes and lighters are also not allowed in any area of the Satsang Centre. Anyone with any of these items must leave them in their vehicles, if not they will be required to deposit them at the Lost and Found Counters situated in all the parking areas. Note that the deposited items can only be collected upon your departure from the centre. Large bags, food and drinks will NOT be permitted inside the Satsang Hall. Only a small handbag will be allowed inside the Satsang Hall. Sangat will be scanned at security check points which are located in all parking areas before entering the premises (refer to RSSB Centre Map). To avoid delays and long queues, please refrain from bringing any of the above mentioned restricted items.

Photography and audio/video recording using any electronic device including mobile phones is strictly prohibited anywhere on the property.

Radha soami satsang schedule 2019
Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh and his Delhi counterpart Arvind Kejriwal met Dhillon multiple times in the run-up to their respective state assembly elections, and the guru is known to share a close relationship with the Badal family of Punjab.
In the 350-page affidavit, the RSSB is described as an “illegal occupant” squatting on 174.98 acres of forest land in Asola Mines, Chhatarpur — where the Bhati ashram is. Further, the Delhi Forest Department believes that the dera, along with spiritual slums that sprung up next to it, are damaging the ecology of the Delhi ridge, the lungs of a city throttled by pollution.