prt joining news by dalip

prt joining news by dalip

Prt joining news by dalip
Same Person Means the the selected JBT PRT candidate is also genuine. Meaning of both the Identical and Same Person is same.
FSL Not definite means the thumb impression and signature of the selected JBT PRT Primary Teacher Haryana is not in the condition for matching with the original. These candidates can neither be called fraud or original. Further scientific investigation will take place for these candidates.

Prt joining news by dalip
That in case of direct recruitment the teachers working in Privately Managed Govt. Aided ,Recognized and Govt. schools, are exempted to acquire qualification of passing HTET as described in column 3 if they have worked as a teacher for minimum period of 4 year on the date of enforcement of these rules.However, the exemption is a onetime measure and the said category of teachers on their appointment shall have to qualify HTET by not later than 1st April 2015, otherwise their appointment shall stand terminated automatically without giving any further notice.
TGT Social Studies Qualification as per “Haryana School Education (Group C) State Cadre Service Rules-2012”:

Prt joining news by dalip
26th July 2017 – Justice Mahesh Grover heard the case regarding low merit candidates who have passed HTET 2011, honourable justice referred this case to the bench consisting Justice Suryakant. Stay on the termination process of Low merit candidates will be continued. The court will hear the case on 28th July 2017.
But on 7th July court stayed the termination process of 2011 selected and appointed primary teachers. Now the next date is July 26, 2017.

Prt joining news by dalip
May 08, 2017

CM No.1361 and 1368 of 2017 in LPA No.720 of 2016 CM No.1380 of 2017 in LPA No.686 of 2016 and CM Nos.6402 and 6887 of 2017 in CWP No.2203 of 2016

Dasmesh Public Senior Secondary School, Manuke, Tehsil Jagraon, Ludhiana -01
Shri Guru Gobind Singh Senior Secondary School, Khanna, Ludhiana, -01