minority pre matric scholarship 2019-20

minority pre matric scholarship 2019-20

Minority pre matric scholarship 2019-20
The Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme 2019-20 will benefit 70 lakh students in this academic year. The National Scholarship Portal will implement and start the online registration through its official website. The Pre-Matric Scholarship 2020 for Minority students will be given to the students who have not got less than 50 percent marks in the earlier final examination.
Under the Minority Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme, the government intends to provide financial assistance to poor and meritorious minority students so that students can continue their education from class 1st to 10th levels and as a result improve the socio-economic conditions of minority communities (Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, and Jain).

Minority pre matric scholarship 2019-20

  • The scholarships shall be provided for the entire course. Maintenance allowance will be given as fixed lump sum amount for 10 months only in an academic year 2019-20.

Rate of Scholarship Admission + Tuition Fee

Step 3: Select the scholarship to be applied for.
The scholarship is being offered by the Minority Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh.

No. A/2/2013-MOBC(PMS-M)(Pt.-A):573 It is hereby notified for information of all concerned that the pending cases of Post-Matric Scholarship Schemes for student belonging to Minority Communities of the State for the years 2012-13 and 2013-14 are once again revoked from rejection and open to submit their verification report through Department of Education (U) and Department of Education (S) on or before 20th January, 2020. This is the final call and any claim received after the stipulated date will not be entertained further.
Further, the unverifiable student of Minority Pre-Matric Scholarship for the years 2010-11, 2011-12, and 2012-13 are cancelled from availing the said scholarship.The lists of unverifiable students are given below as Annexure III (2010-11), Annexure IV (2011-12) and Annexure V (2012-13).

Minority pre matric scholarship 2019-20
The Uttrakhand Minorities Commission provides financial support to the Minorities students of Uttrakhand, Studying in Class 1 to 10th. Those Students who are not able to continue their education due to lack of family income they can apply for Uttrakhand Pre-matric Scholarship for Minorities on or before the last date. The main motto of the Uttrakhand Pre Matric Scholarship helps students to pursue their education.
Q. What are my chances of receiving a scholarship?
A. This depends largely upon the scholarship, how well you meet qualifications and the level of effort that you exert in your search. If you can find scholarships that are limited to students within a state, city, sport or academic area, you have a better chance of winning.