mangal font convert to kruti dev 010

mangal font convert to kruti dev 010

So if you want to design text in Photoshop or any video editing software for these languages then this Unicode to krutidev converter going to very helpful for you.
It’s very simple to use just type in Devanagari Script by using Google input tools or your default keyboard then click on the button [ UNICODE TO KRUTIDEV ↓]

Mangal font convert to kruti dev 010
Step 1:- Open on your Web Browser and Unicode (Mangal) to Krutidev Converter tool in the section Font Conversion Tools.
To convert Unicode (Mangal) to Krutidev, please copy and paste your content in the box below, and then click on the big blue button that says “Convert” and your content is converted in Kruti dev.

We delivered to you novel ability to convert your content from Unicode to Kruti-Dev converter. This simple yet very powerful tool gives you the facility to type in QWERTY English keyboard layout then your content will be converted in Kruti-Dev. What is different in this medium is the ability to change the font by clicking convert button embedded inbox and your Hindi content will be changed in Kruti-Dev font.
Unicode is an International system of encoding standard used across all platforms such as Linux, Windows, ios etc and many more. The problem with encoding system was it was not standardised one system used one standard another used other so need to devise platform independent encoding standard system was felt. In other words, Computers only understand numbers so for giving input to computers we had to pre-assigned the numbers for every alphabet, numbers and special characters, that pre-assigned standard value is standardised by different encoding system in history such as ASCII, UTF-8 etc. So, Unicode Consortium came into reality. It was established to advance and promote the Unicode encoding system. What Unicode did was it allotted each characters unique numbers irrespective of any platform so, Unicode made keyboard encoding a standard which is platform independent.

Mangal font convert to kruti dev 010
You have successfully converted text but due to lack of installed font, you can’t view the text in Hindi. Copy the English looking converted text from font converter software and paste it into destination software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Corel Draw, Adobe Page Maker or any other software you like. Once pasted, change the font to “Kruti Dev 010” or any other Kruti Dev family font in destination software.
Before Unicode era, various companies created Hindi fonts in similar fashion like English fonts. In a similar fashion, Kruti Dev font was created as a non Unicode Hindi font. Hence, keyboard layout for Kruti Dev does not match with any existing Hindi fonts. In Kruti Dev font, we can type Hindi letter “अ” by typing letter “v” which is not same as typing letter “अ” in other non Unicode Hindi fonts.

The converter is capable of Unicode-Kruti Dev, DevLys-unicode, Shusha-Mangal, etc. conversions. This converter tool lets you drop any number of .TXT/.RTF files and makes font conversions quickly. The converted files can also be saved in .TXT/.RTF formats. Any English texts present would remain untouched by default so that you need not look for them. The tool should help printers and DTP operators significantly. This is because DTP software programs such as Illustrator and PageMaker do not support Mangal font. With this tool, you may copy-paste file information to any file for conversion,. There is also the option to import data from TXT/RTF files for conversion.
Free version is limited in features