huda water bill online payment panchkula

huda water bill online payment panchkula

Huda water bill online payment panchkula
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Huda water bill online payment panchkula
Consumer name : 12225627
735, Sector 15 (II) Gurgaon
Bill No. 7zZ26149 dt 07.03.2018 for Rs. 1056 was paid on 08.03.2018 thru internet, the Transaction ID 18030820912112 dt 08-03-2018 13:43:54 was issued by HUDA.

Huda water bill online payment panchkula
“The hike in water tariff is important to cover operational losses and at the same time residents must learn to utilise water in a judicious manner,” said an official.
HUDA is currently supplying 22 million gallons a day (MGD) to Panchkula. One MGD is 50 lakh litres. In summers, the consumption increases to 28-30 MGD, resulting in a shortfall of six MGD.

From Rs.1.25 per kilolitre in the lowest slab, the lowest rate now will be Rs.5 per KL. The commercial and industrial water tariff has been fixed at Rs.15 per KL against the current rate of Rs.4 KL. A KL is 1,000 litres.
The new water tariff will affect in a way that from now onwards the family living in a 10 marla house which inhabits 4-6 members have to pay Rs.900 against a water bill of Rs.400 for two months. The industry is also going to pay four times more for the same facilities.