huda plot scheme 2019

huda plot scheme 2019

Huda plot scheme 2019
Those with household income less than Rs.3 lakh can apply
To apply for the draw, follow these simple steps:

Huda plot scheme 2019
Lists of the areas with the information of new sectors going to be setup in coming six months:-
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Huda plot scheme 2019
Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) is all set to offer about 6200 residential plots in urban areas across the state. These plots will be offered in 15 new sectors to be launched within next 6 months.
The authority is planning to earn about Rs. 3000 Crores by selling these plots and overcome the financial crises. Along with the residential plots, hundreds of commercial plots will also be available in these sectors. The authority can make almost Rs. 100 Crores just by selling the registration forms for draw of plots.

Free hold residential plots in 5 major cities on SALE by HUDA
IMPORTANT NOTE:An individual shall be eligible to make only one application in this scheme. In case more than one application is made by an individual, all the applications will be rejected and a deduction of Rs. 1000/- per application shall be made from earnest money as processing charges.” TO ” An individual shall be eligible to make only one application in this scheme

Huda plot scheme 2019

  1. Visit through a web browser
  2. Create a login account by providing the required information to create an account and sign into it.
  3. Search ‘HUDA plots application form’ in HUDA website
  4. This search will redirect you to the page that holds on to the application form and later upload details and documents that are required to complete the online application process
  5. Once the application process is successfully done, make sure to print out a copy of the submitted application as well.

Welfare or cooperative group housing societies that are well known to hold a minimum of about twenty members can apply for the upcoming HUDA latest scheme of residential plots in 2020. The common public can also participate in the plot allotment procedure by confirming their eligibility by submitting the application form with valid documents simultaneously; that is specified as per the criteria of HUDA. The representatives of the housing society must come forward and register their participation for the HUDA plots on the official web portal of HUDA. Mostly the application procedure for HUDA plots in Gurgaon starts by June, and the similar is expected to happen in the forthcoming year as well. The plots are allocated based upon a bidding process.