huda plot new scheme

huda plot new scheme

Huda plot new scheme
You can use a BHFL Home Loan to construct your home
Gather the following documents if you wish to apply for the HUDA affordable housing scheme.

Huda plot new scheme

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Police Stations
  • Community Centres
  • Gym
  • Old Age Homes
  • Cremation Grounds
  • Fire Stations
  • Public Parks

As per the Haryana government latest survey, Sirsa & Mahendragarh ares will be 2 new sectors. There are 1389 plots available in Sirsa.
List of the area with the information of new sectors going to be setup in coming 6 months.

Huda plot new scheme
As per the latest survey, Mahendragarh and Sirsa areas will two new sectors while other will get one sector each. In Sirsa, there are total 1389 plots available.
Those applicants who have applied online for HUDA/HSVP plot can check draw list of candidates who have selected for plots. Applicants also check registration details, winner lists of the draw and other payment details.

Huda plot new scheme
The authority is planning to earn about Rs. 3000 Crores by selling these plots and overcome the financial crises. Along with the residential plots, hundreds of commercial plots will also be available in these sectors. The authority can make almost Rs. 100 Crores just by selling the registration forms for draw of plots.
Mahendragarh and Sirsa will get two sector each while teh rest 13 urban areas will get one sector each. Highest number of plots will be available in two sectors in Sirsa combined counting to 1389. Least number of plots (111) will be available in Hathin sector 3.

Free hold residential plots in 5 major cities on SALE by HUDA
IMPORTANT NOTE:An individual shall be eligible to make only one application in this scheme. In case more than one application is made by an individual, all the applications will be rejected and a deduction of Rs. 1000/- per application shall be made from earnest money as processing charges.” TO ” An individual shall be eligible to make only one application in this scheme