how to check 10 rs coin

how to check 10 rs coin

How to check 10 rs coin
On the reverse side, Rs. 10 is written in international numerals and in lower periphery, the word “rupee” is written in Hindi and English
Between March 2009 and June 2017, a total of 14 kind of Rs 10 coins were minted across the eight-year period. One might ask as to why did the central bank release a litany of Rs 10 coins, a move that is likely to arouse doubts relating to genuineness of currency. To this, RBI rebuts says that unlike currency notes, the coins have a longer life and hence, coins that are released over a long period continue to stay in circulation simultaneously.

How to check 10 rs coin
Real and fake
Since the Rs 10 coin’s launch in 2009, several versions have been released, but these parameters have remained the same. In one of the versions of the Rs 10 coin, the reverse side has 10 notches with the rupee symbol and the numeral 10 written below. On one of the fake coins found in Malda, the reverse side has 15 notches.

How to check 10 rs coin
The rumors on fake 10 rupee coins are all false. RBI says, both these 10 rupee coins were minted by the Government of India and are legal tender. These 10 rupee coins might look different, but their transaction value is the same.
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How to check 10 rs coin
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How to check 10 rs coin
These coins are minted by Government of India and by rule you can’t deny or refuse to take it. It is the national currency and none can refuse it as the Government of India promises to pay the value of the currency to the bearer.
These few news reports (India Today or Indian Express) of fake 10 rupee coins circulation will confirm the same. How to identify the same easily?There are few stories and images circulating online like the below one.


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