how to become smart in class

how to become smart in class

How to become smart in class
What am driving at is that learning practically will help make your understand about that certain topic better and also help to make you more intelligent.
“Don’t Run From Practicals, There make you smarter”
One of the things that limit our level of intelligence is “not accepting or considering whether the opinion of others is better ”. To an become intelligent in school, you must learn to be receptive. Always accept the opinion of others and try to understand their stands. Even when you think you are right, you should also listen to people so that you can learn from them and even stand to be corrected if you are wrong.

Here’s a riddle for you: Did you know that before you even begin studying, you’ve already started? Huh? Here’s what we mean. When you pay attention in class and take good notes, you are starting the process of learning and studying.
Do you have trouble paying attention in class? Are you sitting next to a loud person? Is it hard to see the board? Make sure you’re sitting in a good seat that lets you pay attention. Tell your teacher or parents about any problems that are preventing you from paying attention and taking good notes.

How to become smart in class
No two people share the same life experiences. Everyone interprets information uniquely, stores memories differently, and digests daily life with their own intellectual flare. This makes collaboration a necessity for brain health.
From training your fingers to master complex musical passages on the piano to counting the beats in a musical measure, instruments force various regions of the brain to work together to create music.

Apparently, determination and consistency are the most important tips you need to become an intelligent student in school. The reason is because; other tips in this article may not stand without them. In other to become intelligent in school, it is imperative to be determined and consistent in your studies because, that is what will help you to maintain your level of intelligence at every stage. There is a proverbial saying that “the day you stop reading is the day you die”. It is this way for every student too. Any day you stop reading, your level of intelligence will begin to decrease. You might even start forgetting the things you already know.
You will agree with me that students love to learn practically than theoretically. The reason for this is because; they tend to understand better when they are taught practically. Again, practical teaching tends to be more fascinating and actual. Thus, students find it easy to remember and relate what they have learned to other areas of their study. The things you remember easily during examinations are usually those things you tried to envisage and make practical when reading for the examination.

How to become smart in class
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