highest salary package in india for mechanical engineer

highest salary package in india for mechanical engineer

Highest salary package in india for mechanical engineer
Aside from his role in the human resources department, he is also in charge of investigating and procuring information that is needed for design and development. He is to be ready to troubleshoot when system failures or project failures are experienced in the management. He works with lots of data, gathers tons of information and can analyze and interpret new machine or system data in real-time as it’s acquired.
In other aspects, a Mechanical Design Engineer can be considered a process or project manager. He or she looks after the company’s resources, including its workforce and equipment suppliers. He may also be tasked with managing company budgets as well as maintaining materials and keeping specifications of designs up to date.

Highest salary package in india for mechanical engineer
According to the most recent figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, mechanical engineers earned $85,880 on average in 2017. For those working on an hourly basis, mechanical engineers earned $41.29 per hour in 2017.
Engineering service or consulting companies will experience faster than average growth as corporations contract out some engineering projects.

Highest salary package in india for mechanical engineer
What does it involve? Civil engineering graduates are in high demand in 2018. Every big (and small) city needs roads, bridges and transportation facilities, and this is where civil engineers come into play. Civil engineers build all sorts of infrastructure and they can also do their bit for the environment too by designing and implementing environmentally-friendly projects. Depending on where you’ve studied, where you decide to work and what projects you take on, being a civil engineer can be a great career that combines giving back to the community with a decent paycheck.
It’s widely acknowledged that STEM (science, engineering, technology and math) graduates go on to have lucrative careers. So, if you’re a whizz at any of these subjects or are drawn to learning more about them, you could turn your passion into a pretty high flying profession.

Pay levels from MEs vary widely from state to state. States that have reputations for high-tech fields like aerospace, defense, biotechnology, robotics, IT, and biomedicine have average salaries close to $100,000 (Massachusetts $96,010; Maryland $104,250; Virginia $100,850; California $104,030). An engineer can get a big salary bump just by moving one state over. An ME in Iowa, for example, earned an average of $74,120 in 2017, one of the lowest salaries in the country. But next door in Illinois the average salary for an ME was $92,040. Earning that extra $18,000 a year over a 30-year time period equates to about $540,000.
A simple shift from machinery manufacturing to scientific R&D (such as robotics, medical devices, pharmaceutical), for example, can earn an ME an extra $21,000 per year.

Highest salary package in india for mechanical engineer
The median entry-level salary for mechanical engineers is $64,695.
Within a mechanical engineer’s specialty, your level of experience and responsibility can affect your earnings. A career in mechanical engineering involves bringing concepts to marketing – and may include everything from handling mechanical and thermal design to the actual manufacturing process. As a result of the breadth of mechanical engineers’ responsibilities, these engineers frequently work their way up to high-level management positions.