highest salary of software engineer in india

highest salary of software engineer in india

Highest salary of software engineer in india
He stated that product companies, where an engineer is required to write code would be more likely give Rs 30 lakhs per annum, while in service companies, a software engineer can earn anywhere between Rs 15-20 lakhs per annum.
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Thus, it’s a given that the highest salaries will be paid by companies like
, which also come with various stock options. For example, in this year’s

Highest salary of software engineer in india
You just can’t have a top 10 list of anything worthwhile without the search engine giant, Google, on it. Or at least, you need it to get you the list in the first place. Getting into Sundar Pichai-led Google is undoubtedly every IT job seeker’s dream. Data shows you that the great paymaster offers an entry-level software engineer about 40 percent more than a similar recruit in another IT company. In the U.S., the median salary of an employee with less than a year of experience is USD 73,800 pa. Software engineers or programmers beginning their career with Google India can expect a salary that is anywhere between 5 and 38 lakhs per annum (LPA). That is some range! And to sweeten the deal further, Google workplaces know how to pamper its employees beyond belief.
Stats tell us we have 1.5 million engineers graduating every year in India and competing for about 250,000 jobs! The IT firm is clearly in the driver’s seat, feeling no pressure to hike the salaries of entry-level hires. Indian IT companies have to maintain low costs, tackle inflation, adapt to increasing automation, deal with rate cuts by foreign clients—that’s how they defend their reserved approach anyway. Even then, India continues to be one the best-performing markets for global tech giants. Just ask Dell, Cisco, IBM and VMware if you don’t believe me.

Highest salary of software engineer in india
The C# developer salary in the USA is $108K. In the UK, the C# developer salary is nearly twice lower than in the USA and reaches $66K. C# developers in Germany are paid $60K on average. The salary of a Dutch C# developers reaches $56K.

Highest salary of software engineer in india
Some of the highest paying locations for software developers are shown in the below graph –
A tier-4 service-based company, with 100 employees has the best of work but will pay lesser than all the above – somewhere between $42k-54k per annum. Their focus is to get more clients and get the best work done with less cost and time.