electronic and communication engineering salary in india

electronic and communication engineering salary in india

Future Scope of Electronic & Communication Engineers in India – The scope of electronics is increasing day by day in India…
India is a developing country so the electronics is play a vital role in country growth…
Under the aegis of startup India…most of the startups are opened in the field of electronics and it will take around 2-3 years to develop these startups..so all the startup will grow fast around 2020..
The field of electrical engineering is very broad. It encompasses

Electronic and communication engineering salary in india
Salary varies according to the job position held by the person. Some of the senior job positions get paid higher than normal jobs. Average salary according to job position for B.Tech ECE course is mentioned below:

  • Technical Recruiter
  • Design /engineer
  • Electrical Technician
  • Technical Manager
  • Robotics Development Officer

Electronic and communication engineering salary in india
An engineering technician should be able to calculate, record results during experiments, create prototypes, and utilize computer aided design. They must make a draft during the design phase, operate and maintain equipment used in testing. They calibrate test equipment, manage computer simulations to test the design virtually, design, develop, test, and manufacture electrical and electronics equipment for communication, medical, navigation, computers, etc.
Staff engineers are responsible for performing detailed calculations to construct, manufacture, and install standards and specifications. They work with senior electronics engineers to design new systems, circuits, devices, and related embedded systems and software.

Electronic and communication engineering salary in india
For entering in PG (M.Tech/M.E/M.S) programme, B.Tech in Electrical Engineering is must.
Textbook of Engineering Mathematics
B S Grewal

This field has a wide verity of opportunities in two types of Industries, Software Industries and Telecom Industries. An electronics and communication engineer candidate can get job opportunities in electricity plant, avionics and aviation, consumer electronics, manufacturing, communication & telecommunication, radio & television, transportation, computer application, diagnostic equipment manufacturing and offshore organizations. There is a chance to get a central government job, state government employments and in public as well as private sectors.
Given below are some of the top institutes in India that offer the course.