chaudhary charan singh haryana agricultural university, hisar

chaudhary charan singh haryana agricultural university, hisar

Chaudhary charan singh haryana agricultural university, hisar
The Directorate of Students’ Welfare is also responsible for promotion of all co-curricular activities such as Sports, NCC, NSS, Mountaineering, Graphic Arts, Literary, Music, Dance, Drama, NIS, etc. For promotion of these activities, various trainings are arranged from time to time.
Graphic Arts Society and Literary Society are responsible for arts and literary activities. Graphics Art Society was established in 1970. [43] It also offers photography as a co-curricular activity of the university course curriculum for undergraduate students. Many members of this society have won awards at the AgriUniFest. [43] Students of Literary Society have been awarded in elocution, extempore and debate competitions at the AgriUniFest. [44]

To apply online, JEE candidates are advised to check the official website of JEE
resident status can appear. Admission is made on the basis of merit in entrance test.

Among the consequences was a division of the recently-established Punjab University of Agriculture, its main campus within the borders of Haryana, uniting with faculties of basic, animal and veterinary science to create Haryana Agricultural University in 1970.
Flagship enterprises include the Saina Nehwal Institute for Agricultural Technology, Training and Education, named after India’s formerly no 1 world-ranked badminton player, whose father teaches at the university. It provides outreach programmes in home sciences, horticulture and plant protection.

Chaudhary charan singh haryana agricultural university, hisar
Apart from this, a special provision for PG students belonging to SC category has been made. In this, the university provides financial help to help the student attend seminars/conferences to upgrade them for future thrust.
Candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria will be required to register themselves for online counseling and fill their choice of courses. They should then report for verification of documents and deposit fee of their course.

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Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University is a publicly funded agricultural university located at Hisar in the Indian state of Haryana. It is one of the biggest agricultural universities in Asia. It is named after India’s seventh Prime Minister, Chaudhary Charan Singh. It was initially a satellite campus of Punjab Agricultural University at Hisar. It was established as a university by Haryana and Punjab Agricultural Universities Act, ratified 2 February 1970 and was named Haryana Agricultural University. The university publishes the largest number of research papers among agricultural universities in India. It won the Indian Council of Agricultural Research’s Award for the Best Institute in 1997.