best quantitative aptitude book for cat

best quantitative aptitude book for cat

Best quantitative aptitude book for cat
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The Entrance Examination’s papers are set by one of the IIMs every year thus are very standard. The paper is thus tuff and so to crack it the preparation required is good. Now, we have known from our childhood that the choice of proper books can work out wonders. Now, one of the parts of the CAT examinations is Quantitative aptitude. This, part can be dealt with the use of proper books. Thus for the help of aspirants of CAT here are the best books for the preparation of Quantitative aptitude for CAT

MBA aspirants are usually worried about a lot of aspects about their CAT preparation, and choosing the right preparatory resources ranks right up there. While it is quite natural to worry about laying your hands on the best aptitude books possible, understand that it is not the factor that is going to determine your success in the exam. Know that there are many great quantitative and verbal aptitude books available in the market, and there is a very thin line that separates all of them. Make sure that you tackle your CAT preparation with an all-round approach. Take the help of aptitude books, free online resources like QS Leap and free mock tests. This 360 degree approach will help you way more than just relying on a couple of quantitative and verbal aptitude books alone.
Now that this is out of the way, let’s look at some of the best study materials available for CAT preparation. Many of you would perhaps try out books from coaching centres such as IMS and TIME. While these pretty good, you should also know the best books from an exam perspective. Understand that CAT is all about basics, and a good aptitude book does just that – soak you into basics!

Best quantitative aptitude book for cat

  • One of the oldest and the best books for Quantitative Aptitude available in market since 1989, this CAT Quant Book has remained consistent with the changing exam pattern of entrance tests
  • Quantitative Aptitude is one of the CAT preparation books suggested by toppers. The book chapters and explanations are easy to understand
  • The book covers all the major topics on Quantitative section.
  • There are more than 5500 questions followed by answers and detailed solutions making it one of the best Quant books for CAT 2020
  • Memory based questions upto 2016 from different examinations are included in the revised edition. It helps the candidates to understand the latest exam pattern of CAT, IIFT, XAT, MAT and other exams.

Book Highlights

Best quantitative aptitude book for cat
CAT 2020 will be held in November last week or December first week and application forms of CAT 2020 will be available in August. Equipped with a well-planned strategy, candidates can score well in the exam. For students preparing from a coaching centre, the buck doesn’t stop there. It is very important to put in extra efforts and focus on self-study to crack the CAT exam. Check out best books for CAT preparation in this article.
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Best quantitative aptitude book for cat
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This section is pretty hard to prepare for. In order to prepare for this section, you need to broaden your overall scope in following sections: Sports, Politics, Entertainment, Biographies, etc. So, for this, you can use Static General Knowledge by A.P. Bhardwaj and S. Chand’s Advanced Objective General Knowledge. These books are okay to start with if you are not someone with a newspaper reading habit from the past.