beas satsang schedule

beas satsang schedule

Satsang:The company of truth;association with the truth.Satsang ordinarily means the company of saints or advanced souls,or a gathering of devotees held under the auspices of a saint,where a discourse on God,Name,meditation and the master is presented;the discourse itself is also called a satsang.Satsang has a deeper sense as well,meaning internal satsang,the association or union of the soul with the true Nam. Babaji Satsang Schedule Across India for the Year 2020
Babaji Satsang Schedule of Beas for the year 2020

Beas satsang schedule
NRI Naam Daan Registration Dates are as follow
Here you will get Information about Satsangs that are going to be held in Beas and in other places of India.

DROP OFF, PARKING, AND EXIT – A quick entry to the site is available for quick drop-offs and pick-ups. No left turns and no stopping to drop-off on the highway (176th St.). Shuttle buses will be available for the elderly and those with special needs from remote parking areas, closer to the satsang hall. Please be patient when exiting the site and follow the instructions of the sevadars. Taxis will be available after satsang. It is suggested that departing flights should be booked with departure time at least 6 hours after the end of the program.
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Beas satsang schedule
2: What is the Schedule of Ajmer – Beas Satsang Special?
6: From where Ajmer – Beas Satsang Special starts and at which time? Or What is the source station of Ajmer – Beas Satsang Special?

The Satsang is done by living master Baba Gurinder Singh Ji. The Schedule for year 2014 is given below
The Satsang is held at Dera Baba Jaimal Singh,Beas on selected sundays,