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3 Powerful Spells for Good Grades Potent Magick

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Academic Challenges and How to get Good Grades at School

The challenge of how to get good grades at school is most salient when we consider the normal academic challenges faced in student life. We are normally in our mid to late teens when we first join for our A – levels and university education, and in most cases the psychological and social challenges may make us baulk when faced by the academic rigors required of us. Our desire for internal peace and cogency may appear to be of the first priority and the demands that we should also have aspirations for good grades may be pushed to a second order of prioritization instead of the first. This happens especially when we consider that there constraints to some of the basic resources we rely on for our school work like attention, thought and time, performance – action, and creation of realities. It may not be totally outlandish therefore to ask ourselves how to get good grades and not study. It’s important for us to understand what we mean by ‘not studying’. The main definition in mind is that of ‘the devotion of time and attention to gaining knowledge of an academic subject, especially by means of books’.

A Case for Not Studying Some Subjects

Some of the subjects/courses we take in school may accord to our natural tendencies and preferences that getting acquainted with lectures and engaging in mental experimentation and testing may be enough to keep us on the level of earning good grades without necessarily breaking sweat on books.

Besides, it is possible that some courses may be uncritical for the attainment of set objectives and that one needs to maintain a minimum threshold of grades while scoring high grades on other more critical and time consuming units.

My favorite 3 spells for good grades

Potent spell for good grades

Potent spell for good grades

Whether it’s an exam, a written or oral test, it is evident that these situations can put us in awe – even talking to your boss, facing a meeting, or even taking a few questions with your friends and family are all considered intents and purposes of tests.

Taking the pen and paper, I write in great detail, what I want to achieve. As I am writing it down, I visualize everything I write down. I create in my mind what I want to happen, I watch it happen and I remember it as if it has already happened. It is especially important to be clear and precise when writing what you want down and avoid sentences with anything negative in it.

At this point, you must recall the energy necessary to manifest what is written on your sheet. Desires need energy to be made real, and the more energy you gather, the better manifestation and reverberation your desire will have.

After this phase, I send the energy out to the Universe. I visualize a thread of bright and powerful energy, that starts from my hands and goes up to the sky until my energy explodes like fireworks in space and it spreads, embracing all the planets.

At this point, you can put the sheet in the bag and carry it with you. It is time to dismiss the Archangels who assisted and protected you during the rite, as well as to thank the divinities who accompanied me, and finally, I erase the Circle.

New moon spell for good grades

New moon spell for good grades

Meditate and visualize your goals for at least 1 minute, focusing on what you want to have (good grades). Visualize you at your best, with your examiners overjoyed by your presentation and you feel elated and proud of it.

Take the sheet of paper and fold it to make a small strip (we are going to stick it on the candle), on which you will write your name and the project (or the desire, the name of the subject you want to master, the name of your thesis, and so on). Draw, a moon on it. If you prefer to engrave everything directly on the wax, this would be better.

With the help of a cloth, cover the candle completely with oil. It is through the oil that you are going to bless and strengthen the candle for the specific purpose of the ritual. Talk to the candle about what you want, as if it were a person, to explain its purpose so that it knows of its role.

“Goddess Moon, I ask you to make me wise and successful like a star,
able to protect me from negativity and to walk fast towards success.
Make me strong and solid in reaching my goal,
give me the strength to resist any obstacle on the way.
Without hurting anyone, enjoy it.”

As I often say, personalize your invocations. The magick must start from the center of your being, it must be yours. The word is vessel (even singing, just think of the words in-song), make it very personal.

Let the candle burn for as long as you can. If you cannot leave it lit until it is completely consumed, extinguish it without blowing on it, (lick your fingers and press them on the wick) then, keep it wrapped in a clean cloth, indoors, without reusing it for another purpose.


Good grades spell with a sacred sigil

Good grades spell with a sacred sigil

This spell is one of my favorites because it involves some simple sigil magick! Do not let yourself be overwhelmed, as it’s easier than you think. I used this sigil for my scholastic years when I struggled with math and science.

Light the candle and visualize your goal. When you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, use the peppermint oil to dress the candle. Then spend some time creating your own sigil, with an affirmation expressing and stating what you want to achieve.

When your sigil is ready, use the peppermint oil to pass your finger along the drawing you made of the sigil, and add the laurel leaf to it. Now fold the drawing in half, making sure the laurel leaf is well placed on the sigil on the inside of the paper. Now look up to the sky and say out loud:

You can let the candle burn for a few days, until the test or light it when you feel you need some extra support. Place the sigil with the laurel leaf in a textbook you have, and leave it there as a talisman for good grades.