10rs coin

10rs coin

This coin is rumored to be a fake one due to chaos on social media. However, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued an official statement to address these rumors declaring that the old the design prior to 2011 is valid and is legal tender. [5]
The second design featured two horizontal lines. The coin featured the lettering “भारत” and “INDIA” on the top, with Lion Capital in the middle and year of printing at bottom on the obverse. The reverse of the coin featured 15 notches and numeral 10 in the middle and at below line the word Rupees in English and रुपये in Hindi was written. [3] [4]

10rs coin
While there is still a section of people who refuse to accept Rs 10 coins believing them to be fake, India’s central bank, Reserve Bank of India, set the record straight recently saying that all Rs 10 coins currently under circulation are genuine and legitimate. Not leaving anything for speculation, the banking regulator mentions that this is a total of 14 categories of Rs 10 coins currently in circulation.
Between March 2009 and June 2017, a total of 14 kind of Rs 10 coins were minted across the eight-year period. One might ask as to why did the central bank release a litany of Rs 10 coins, a move that is likely to arouse doubts relating to genuineness of currency. To this, RBI rebuts says that unlike currency notes, the coins have a longer life and hence, coins that are released over a long period continue to stay in circulation simultaneously.

10rs coin
Mohammad Khalid Akram Ansari, a BTC student in Sitapur, UP said, “Nowadays, everyone behaves like an authority as if they are the government themselves. The wholesalers of the area do not accept the Rs 10 coin because it is too much work to count them and since they cannot reject it, for this reason, they weave stories for it being fake or anything alike to reject the coins.”
Not only the Rs 10 coin faced rejection in circulation but also the newly minted Rs 1 coin is facing unauthorized demonetization in some parts of the country as well. For rupee ten coin, RBI previously issued notice for it being the valid currency and warned people about facing legal action for rejecting such coins.

10rs coin
Metrolife visited Malleswaram railway station and approached an official at the counter for a platform ticket.
Reporter: Do you accept Rs 10 coins, sir?
Attendee: No.
Reporter: Why not? It is not banned.
Attendee: We know it is not banned, but people are not ready to accept the coins from us.
Reporter: But you are a government organisation.
Attendee: Yes, ma‘am. We are ready to accept the coins if people are also ready to do so. You should understand it is a transaction and we have to keep it going.

10rs coin
The government released new Re 1, Rs 2, Rs 5, Rs 10 with refreshed design and attention towards the visually impaired citizens. The government has also issued new Rs 20 coins. Coins in this new series have been designed by the National Institute of Design with several differentiating features to make it easier for visually-impaired individuals to identify them. Not only distinctive markings, the coins will now get bigger and weigh more with the increase in denomination to make recognising them easier.
Features of new Rs 5 coin