10rs coin news

10rs coin news

In July 2016, some shopkeepers in India were reported to be refusing to accept the ₹ 10 coin entirely, the result of a rumour circulating on social media. [9] [10] It was initially claimed that coins with a 15 notch reverse design lacking the ‘₹’ symbol were fake, compared to the 10 notch version using the symbol introduced in 2011.
The mintmark is featured at the bottom on the obverse of the ₹10 coin. [6]

10rs coin news
A yellow taxi driver was arrested after a lady and her child were allegedly driven away by him from her home following an argument over Rs 10 coin change.
Business | NDTV Profit Team | Wednesday January 17, 2018

10rs coin news
Apart from the Rs 20 coin, rest of the new coins will be introduced in open markets along with the existing coins of the same denomination. Both versions will remain legal tender.
The new Rs 2 coin weighs 4.07 grams and is in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 23mm. There would also be 50 wider serrations on the edge. Similar to the Re 1 coin, the Rs 2 coin will also be made of ferritic stainless steel, comprising 83 per cent iron and 17 per cent chromium.

10rs coin news
According to RBI as coins endure in the rotation for a greater period, it is pretty probable that coins of various designs and even shapes are circulating at the same time. One such modification is the introduction of ‘Rupee sign’ in currencies in July 2011. An example of this is the Rs 10 coin with rupee symbol and the same value coin without rupee symbol, it said, adding both of them are legal tender and equally valid for transactions, though they may look a little different. Still, if you find a doubtful coin, don’t panic and approach the nearby bank with the coins instead of verifying with someone or spreading rumors.

10rs coin news
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