10 rupees coin image

10 rupees coin image

10 rupees coin image
125th Anniversary Celebration of National Archives of India
राष्ट्रीय अभिलेखागार
1891 2016
125 वर्ष / YEARS

10 rupees coin image
Lettering: اسلامی جمهوریه پاکستان
Translation: Islamic Republic of Pakistan

10 rupees coin image
A local from Goa said, “There was an immense shortage of the coins a few months back. We were facing a lot of trouble because of the unavailability of coins for transactions. But for these four months, rupee ten coin is easily available and all types of these coins are accepted here.”
Upon interacting with the locals in Uttar Pradesh, it came to light that the main cause of the rejection of coins is it’s over circulation. People have said that the Chillar (change) is so much in quantity that the ones who have to count it the most like the grocery shop owners, wholesalers etc. keep on finding excuses to reject it.

10 rupees coin image
3. In the past also, the RBI had issued a statement on November 20, 2016 exhorting the members of the public to continue to accept coins of Rs. 10 denomination as legal tender in all their transactions without any hesitation.
5. The Reserve Bank has also advised banks to accept Rs. 10 coins for transactions and exchange at all their branches.

10 rupees coin image
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Let me ask you a question? Do you think a person who mints fake 10 rupee coins, will forget to make it look like the original.