10 rupee coin

10 rupee coin

It was later clarified by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that the “alleged fake” coin was the earlier 2008 design, which predated the adoption of the ‘₹’ symbol in 2010, and was still in legal circulation, along with the 2011 design and those refusing to accept it could face legal action. [11] [12] [10]
This coin is rumored to be a fake one due to chaos on social media. However, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued an official statement to address these rumors declaring that the old the design prior to 2011 is valid and is legal tender. [5]

10 rupee coin
The rumours of fake Rs 10 coin in circulation started the rejection of this coin. While some parts of the country accept the coin other do not. The public is of the view that big shop owners and banks are responsible for the rejection of rupee ten coins.
A local from Goa said, “There was an immense shortage of the coins a few months back. We were facing a lot of trouble because of the unavailability of coins for transactions. But for these four months, rupee ten coin is easily available and all types of these coins are accepted here.”

10 rupee coin
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10 rupee coin
All 14 types of the Rs 10 coin issued so far are legal, the RBI has confirmed.
A reporter visited the Indira Canteen at Kadirenahalli Cross, Uttarahalli. The cashier accepted the coin without hesitation, and we enjoyed a plate full of puliyogare for lunch. It was yum!

10 rupee coin
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