10 rupee coin banned or not

10 rupee coin banned or not

10 rupee coin banned or not
“It is clarified that the Reserve Bank puts into circulation, the coins minted by mints, which are under the Government of India. These coins have distinctive features to reflect various themes of economic, social and cultural values and are introduced from time to time,” the press release said.
Several people have received SMS messages from RBI that reads: “Coins are available in different designs due to their long life. Accept them without fear…” Interestingly, to clear all confusion for once and for all, the message says to give a missed call to 14440, and instantly expect a call back from the Reserve Bank of India. The central bank then clarifies on the recorded voice message that the Rs 10 coins in issued in 14 designs are all legally valid for transaction.

The second design featured two horizontal lines. The coin featured the lettering “भारत” and “INDIA” on the top, with Lion Capital in the middle and year of printing at bottom on the obverse. The reverse of the coin featured 15 notches and numeral 10 in the middle and at below line the word Rupees in English and रुपये in Hindi was written. [3] [4]
The first ₹10 coin minted in 2005 had a diameter of 27 mm and featured the lettering “भारत” and “INDIA” on the top, with Lion capital with ‘Satyameva Jayate’ in Hindi below at left, and the date of mint below it on the obverse. On the reverse of the coin it featured the “Four heads sharing a common body” – cross with a dot in each quadrant in the center, with the lettering “दस रुपये” and “TEN RUPEES” on the outer ring. [1] [2]

10 rupee coin banned or not
Reports have poured in of shopkeepers, kiosks owners and auto rickshaw drivers in and around Delhi returning R10 coins and asking for currency notes after a WhatsApp message, shared widely, claimed the coin was declared invalid by the central bank.
“Nobody is accepting R10 coin. They say the coins are fake,” said Vishal, who works at a workshop in Gurgaon. Similar reports have come in from national capital region towns such as Faridabad, Noida and Meerut.

10 rupee coin banned or not
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10 rupee coin banned or not
Indira Canteen
*The reporter went to a milk parlour in the railway station and they accepted the coin without any complaints.