10 rs coin

10 rs coin

The mintmark is featured at the bottom on the obverse of the ₹10 coin. [6]
The third design of the ₹10 coin, minted since 2011 features the lettering “भारत” on left and “INDIA” on right on the outer ring, and the year of mint and mint mark below. At the center part of the coin’s obverse is the Lion capital with the lettering “सत्यमेव जयते” below it. On the reverse it features 10 notches with the ₹ sign below it, and the number 10 below the ₹ sign. [6] [7]

10 rs coin
A reporter visited the Indira Canteen at Kadirenahalli Cross, Uttarahalli. The cashier accepted the coin without hesitation, and we enjoyed a plate full of puliyogare for lunch. It was yum!
In January, the Reserve Bank of India repeated yet again that Rs 10 coins are legal, but many trades and services in Bengaluru continue to turn them down.

10 rs coin
Asokan capital with ‘Satyameva Jayate’ in Hindi below at left.
’10’ at right.
Date & mintmark below.
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10 rs coin
NOTE: Different mintmarks
♦ (small dot/diamond) = Mumbai
° (circulat dot) = Noida
(no mintmark) = Calcutta
* (five-pointed star) = Hyderabad
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10 rs coin
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