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Argentinian-bred Banda De Turistas (Band of Tourists, en Americano) came together in an unusual way when two separate bands were sharing rehearsal space in close proximity and melded to become one. Two full length albums and an EP later, Banda De Turistas has begun to pick up speed stateside, as their first full 2008 album Magico Corazón Radiofónica (Magical Radiophonic Heart) got attention and positive feedback from the likes of Rolling Stone and The New York Times. They released The Return in 2009, appeared in Austin this year for SXSW, and have continued to gain momentum at home as they’ve been nominated for some of Argentina’s biggest music awards. They played an exclusive live set for us at The Village Recorder for our LiveBuzz session.

It was at their own rehearsal space in New York. This was before they released the Flood LP, before we had the Boat Party moniker, before they had a deal with Warner Bros., etc. The record you’re about to hear is a live recording of the Flood set from their big New York stage. Yours for the cherry!