1) The most difficult thing about your job?

Getting up early. I enjoy sleeping late on the weekend and would be happy to do the same on weekdays but for classes. Fortunately, coffee can fix everything.

2) Do you always work only fixed working hours?

We`ve got plenty of extracurricular activities and sometimes they take more time than we plan. That`s a drawback. But I enjoy most of them as much as my students do. That’s an advantage. And of course, teachers have tons of paperwork and I don’t always have enough time at work to do it so I can take some tasks home if they are urgent. But that`s rather the exception than the rule.

3) Your advice to young teachers.

First of all, don’t be afraid of kids. They won`t bite you. Try to communicate with children and explain everything you do in detail so that they know why they are given such tasks, why their grade is C, not A, what` s the benefit of attending all the classes. They are capable of understanding everything you tell them. Be creative and don`t let studying become a routine, prove that school can be more interesting than computer games and you can have fun while spending time together. Study all the time to get up-to-date information from different spheres. That way you will always be ready to answer various questions and make students listen to you. Let your students relax from time to time and don’t give them any homework as a reward for excellent work in class.