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Autobiographical Basis of the Play “Our Boys’

Our Boys This a two-act play which was written by actor Jonathan Guy Lewis, and the play has been credited under his nom de plume Jonathan Lewis. The play of this wonderful essay artist was first performed on 13th May 1993 in London. It was subsequently performed in Derby and at the Donmar Warehouse, London. Our Boys was […]

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Is a Bachelor Degree Necessary?

Introduction In today’s world, education has become an essential thing because specialists are needed everywhere. When one goes to the university, they are provided with living experience and useful skills for getting a good job in future (Billiteri 25). However, it is not a must for one to have a higher education to be successful. […]

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Key to Success in Your Academics in College

Being in college means that you must pay attention to a variety of different things, things that will eventually affect one single aspect of your life – your academics and how successful it is. But, the success in your academics can be brought down to some key ways through which you can sustain it. The […]

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Easy Tips to Help Any Student Focus When Studying

You might be a freshman or just a student facing exams. In any of the cases, you’ll look for ways to focus better when studying, and therefore have better grades. Simply put, you have no idea how easy it is to focus on studying. But easier than that is to stray off the beaten path […]

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5 Reasons Why Literature and Stories Are Important in Life, in College, and at Work

Read, read, read! These are among the most common words a child hears from an early age. Pleasures for some, burdens for others, literature and stories seem to dominate our world not only during our childhood but also later, in life. Because they are everywhere, from college to our work, literature and stories seem to […]

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