When I was 15 I had a bet with my father. He had been a Math teacher for 20 years at that time and was sure I would never be able to work at school. Back then I thought that working at the school was for losers who couldn’t find a better job and somehow enjoyed constantly living on a tight budget. I was a rioting teenager for sure. I wanted to prove that any Tom, Dick, and Harry could be a teacher and I would be able to work with children as well. I graduated from the University of Alabama, started work at school (saying “See?” to my father at the first opportunity) and fell in love with my job.

Now I am an English Literature teacher at Huffman Academy in Birmingham and my job is what inspires me every day. I love working with kids and helping them move forward and achieve new goals. Frankly speaking, that is the reason I started this blog. I have a thorough knowledge of studying processes and psychology and would like to share it with others. I can give advice as both a former student who used to have her own study tricks and a current teacher who knows everything about modern education standards.

So want to make study easy and fun, deliver all the tasks on time and get high grades? Sounds like heaven? Keep reading and improve your results at school every day. This blog will also come in handy for adult people who study whole life long and need to know how to manage their time a little better, remember stuff quicker and in general be more successful in a study. See you!