5 Reasons Why Literature and Stories Are Important in Life, in College, and at Work

Read, read, read! These are among the most common words a child hears from an early age. Pleasures for some, burdens for others, literature and stories seem to dominate our world not only during our childhood but also later, in life. Because they are everywhere, from college to our work, literature and stories seem to be the foundation of life. Their complexity and ability to cover every aspect found in the environments we are exposed to have a great influence on each of us and seem to provide us an infinite mirror where are being shown every aspect of life and of the people around us.

For the most skeptical ones, who are still not convinced about the importance of reading in their lives and for those who made reading their lifestyle, here are 5 reasons that literature and stories are important in life, in college, and at work:

It exposes you to many situations

Literature has the amazing ability to capture life with its flaws, hardships or blessings and some of us do not have the chance to experience all of these in our daily lives. Not only do you have the chance to see life from multiple perspectives, but you are also taught how to cope with all kinds of situations.

This ability makes you capable of managing issues and relationships better and more efficiently.

It improves analytical thinking

Not only will you be prepared for different circumstances, but you will also have the potential of thinking straight, taking the right decisions and acting better even if you have not experienced those before.

The maturity you are enriched with by reading combined with the emotional intelligence you obtain almost unknowingly will surprise you, your family and colleagues and will make you a better person.

It improves your memory  

College and work involve you being your best version. Not only in terms of relationships and lifestyle, but also in terms of being able to remember all kinds of things and be responsible. Reading consistently or paying attention to stories narrated by others is a great exercise for your memory, as it forces you to remember the names of characters and the chain of events presented.

It makes you smarter

This is a fact proved by the “Oh, I did know that” or “I read that in a book” statements which some of the eager readers find themselves saying out loud from time to time. Not only do literature and stories provide you with examples of situations, characters or lifestyles, but they also represent ways in which you can improve your general knowledge and vocabulary and that is definitely a must when coping with college, work or even daily life.

It is a great exercise for patients and reduces stress

One of the biggest fear of small children – that of staying put with a book in their hands for hours – is one of the most efficient exercises that teaches you to be patient and less stressed. Finding your own pace and enjoying the moment by forgetting about the world is one of the things we should do more often.


If these 5 reasons that literature and stories are important in life were not convincing, the only piece of advice we can offer you is to try reading and see if indeed it does not help you grow.

Otherwise, when you are amazed by your abilities to cope with a situation at work, to remember many things in college or make the right decisions in your personal life, remember that you should give credit to the stories you have read, as they had at least a small grain of influence in all those cases!

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