gju admission

Undergraduate Programs The Jordanian General Secondary Certificate or an equivalent certificate with a minimum average of 80% (Scientific Stream) for applicants to the B.Sc. Program in Architecture, and a minimum average of 70% (Scientific, IT, or Literary Streams) for applicants to the B.A. Program in Design and Visual Communication. Placement Exam and Admission Interview with Portfolio illustrating applicant abilities and development skills of the visual world using freehand sketching, photography, and computer media. Registration for the Entrance Exam Please provide a certified copy (or original) of the transcript of marks of The Jordanian General Secondary Certificate OR a certified copy of an equivalent certificate certified by the Ministry of Education and a certified copy of the transcripts of marks. Fill in Application Form at the Admissions and Registration Department, Building E, GJU permanent campus. Please allow for 30 minutes transportation time from 7th circle, Amman, to GJU permanent campus. Please allow for up to 60 minutes on campus for registration process. Pay Registration Fee, 25 JOD, at the Financial Department, Building E, GJU permanent campus. Obtain Payment Receipt for Registration Fee. On one of the registration days, go to SABE, Darat Othman Bdeir, and sign in for the available exam session (Applicant must provide Payment Receipt for Registration Fee and pay 50 JD for exam fee). Bring two personal photo that will be used for SABE. Exam Instructions Exam Duration is 3 Hours Use of mobile phones and electronic devices is strictly prohibited: All mobile phones and electronic devices must be switched off and remain visible (placed on table top). Except for SAMMEM Journal you are not allowed to use any supplementary material. Inform the supervisors immediately if you feel disturbed during the exam. You are not allowed to repeat the exam or conduct the interview in other sessions. Misconduct or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal from the exam. Failure to follow the above instructions will lead to dismissing your exam result. —————————————————————————————————————————————– Postgraduate Programs Bachelor's Degree, with minimum merit of GOOD, in a relevant field. TOEFL or an equivalent English Proficiency Test with a minimum score of 500. Admission interview. Portfolio that demonstrates projects undertaken during study and practice. Short Research Statement. Three Letters of Reference. C. V. illustrating the applicants' qualifications and experiences. For information on the admission requirement please visit the page of the Admissions and Registration Departments. GJU announces two new master programs, Spatial Planning and Architectural Conservation. Applications are now accepted.