Live Links: The Drums Short One Instrument As Guitarist Quits

Here are today’s live music headlines:

:: The Drums are short one instrument, as guitarist Adam Kessler quits the band while on the road – the band is “devastated.” [NME]

:: Ben Folds is bringing his Lonely Avenue on the road, announcing U.S. tour dates for November. [Paste]

:: Gorillaz invite N.E.R.D. to join forces on their month-long North American tour, kicking off next month. [Sound Spike]

:: The Charlatans are forced to cancel tour dates in Canada after drummer Jon Brookes collapses at a Philadelphia show. [Spinner]

:: Borat to sing Bohemian Rhapsody?! Sacha Baron Cohen gets tapped to play Freddie Mercury in an upcoming biopic. No word on if Cohen will be belting out Mercury’s high range vocals just yet… [Rolling Stone]

:: North Carolina rockers Superchunk kicked off their tour to promote their new album Majesty Shredding – their first album of new material after nine years. [Spin]