Klaxons Return With Stellar NYC Show

Nu-rave band the Klaxons have returned and are back with a vengeance: it’s been three long years since their debut album, 2007′s Myths Of The Near Future. After a failed attempt at a new record in 2008,  (according to tabloid The Sun, their label cut for being “too experimental”) the British quartet were finally able to release a new album, last month’s Surfing The Void. With all those years in between, the band’s been on the move as of late, making up for lost time; they successfully tracked down filmmaker Jack Bond and showcased their new album at the Leeds Festival this year.

Last night they hit up the Big Apple – specifically Manhattan’s Bowery Ballroom – playing a set for the likes of Joaquin Phoenix (yes, that was him in the crowd) as well as their loyal fans itching to see their favorite Brits. The band alternated between new and old Klaxons tracks much to the delight of fans with raised hands, jumping bodies, with smiles from ear to ear, rocking out to jams such as “Golden Skans” and “Twin Flames.”

Looks like the Klaxons are definitely back – and they’re ready to stay.

“As Above, So Below”
“Same Space”
“Gravity’s Rainbow”
“Golden Skans”
“Twin Flames”
“Two Receivers”
“Valley of Calm Trees”
“Future Memories”
“It’s Not Over Yet”
“Surfing the Void”
“Alantis to Interzone”

[Via Spin]