Jonsi brings a movie set with his fall U.S. tour

Since the collapse of CD sales and the transformation of music into a freely available online commodity, live performances have become the bread and butter of many artists and bands. Tours by dinosaur acts like The Eagles and U2 have, for the last decade, kept the concert industry afloat, but since the economic downturn, that business too has been in trouble. Today’s cash-strapped music fan expects more than just a band showing up on stage. They want to see something different when they’re plunking down their hard-earned dollars. Sure you can expect movie style special effects at a stadium show, but what about smaller more intimate venues? One such artist who’s risen to the occasion is Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi, whose music fits well into smaller theaters. According to NPR “His upcoming concert tour in the U.S. is more like a live movie.”

Jonsi’s upcoming shows will unfold inside an elaborate (if desolate) warehouse-style set tricked out with special effects — including an indoor rainstorm that consumes the band during their song “Sinking Friendships”. It will also include a variety of custom animated clips, projected on the wall, or on the band members themselves. All of that represents a step up from the usual billowing smoke, no? For photos and video visit NPR.